Welcome to your personal best!

Welcome! I love helping adults feel good and have more energy to live their best life!

Evolution Coaching is on a mission is to inspire lasting change.

I think that taking care of your health should be fun and enjoyable.  Health and fitness shouldn’t be a punishment for previous bad habits. I want you to enjoy the benefits of being healthy for a great life. If you think it is too late to see a difference, it isn’t. If you think you are too old to make new habits, you are not. 

I want you to be yourself, but to be your best self.

I know you are busy and need resources that are available when you are. I know you are capable, smart and successful, but maybe you have forgotten to look after yourself. You need a plan and support.

Welcome to your personal best.


Get started and  get the support you need for success. Evolution Coaching is dedicated to helping you be fitter, healthier and happier.  Supporting you online, in person or in our online groups. Join people just like you that want to get fit, stay healthy and enjoy life.


Shayla Roberts

Founder and Director of Evolution Coaching U. Shayla has over 25 years of education and experience helping people get fit, improve their health and lose weight.


  • Professional Health Coach
  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics
  • ICF Professional Certified Coach
  • Enhanced C-IQ Coach
  • Running & Cycling Coach
  • Weight Loss Coach
  • Plant Based Masters Athlete
  • Author & Speaker
  • Loves running, cycling, animals, food, fun and helping people feel great!


Join the fun at Evolution Coaching U. If you want to learn how to make plant based meals, improve your fitness at any age, get healthier and have fun. Join us. We believe life should be an adventure.


  • Improve your health
  • Eat a plant based diet
  • Learn new sports
  • Connect with new friends
  • Improve your fitness
  • Set new goals
  • Have fun
  • Explore new places


Get started

It is never too late to start. Evolution Coaching specializes in helping adults change their health & fitness for a long health span. Join us if you are ready to chang your health, get fit and have fun doing it.


  • Personalized programs
  • Coaching & Support
  • Integrated health care
  • Training Plans
  • Recipes & Meal Plans
  • Travel
Fitness for adults. Stay healthy, get fit & have fun at every age & stage.

Plant Based Programs

Do you want to eat a plant based diet? Or you want to learn how to make more plant based meals? Or  learn how to cook healthier meals? You might already eat a plant based diet and want to make sure you are eating well and fueling yourself correctly. All our programs follow a plant based diet plan. Plant based diets are good for you and the environment. They are easy to make and help you improve your health span!

Health & Fitness For Real People

Our programs follow two important principles. First, and most importantly, is fun! Yes, sometimes it will be difficult, but life is hard enough, being healthy and fit should be fun. Second, everything is evidence based. There are way too many people making money selling dreams.  Our programs are based on science and experience. And they work. Don’t waste your time. Get results for a lifetime of benefits.


Join us on one of our great adventures! Real people having fun and getting fit with Evolution Coaching.

What are you waiting for? Aren't you to know if this could work for you?

Lose weight and get fit.


A few of our weight loss success stories! Lost more than 50 pounds each and kept it off while having fun, staying fit. 

Learn how to cook fast, easy, nutritious and delicious meals!


Good food can be easy, fast and filling. Learn how to make good food that tastes  great and is good for you. 

Some of our recent adventures


Health, Fitness and Fun

There are so many options to get fit, be healthy all while having fun. Evolution Coaching offers online training, virtual coaching and retreats so that you can choose the option that works best for you. Evidence based health.  No gimmicks, no fads, no supplements, no BS. Just the facts about health, fitness and nutrition. For real people who want to have fun and feel great!

Online Training

Want to improve your health and fitness? Need to be accountable and get the motivation of a coach while working out on your own schedule? Online training programs give you the support and structure to get you to your goals

  • Personal Plans
  • Improved Fitness
  • Improved Health


Coaching helps you change your habits permanently. Coaching is effective for lifestyle changes, improving your health, losing weight and sticking to your plan. 

  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Support and Accountability
  • Personal & Group Session


Whether you want to meet new friends, explore new places, get a jumpstart on your health and fitness? Come to a camp or retreat. Looking for motivation or information? Book Shayla to speak to your group.

  • Mountain Fit Camps
  • Health & Wellness Retreats
  • Speaking Events

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