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What others say:

“I have successfully maintained a 60lb weight loss for 6 years plus now, due to following those initial guidelines for menus and fitness.”

“Informative and motivating. I ate well, enjoyed the meals and lost weight! Enjoyed doing the program with the group.”

“Shayla’s program was the jump start I needed! I had been struggling with weight gain and physical problems for several years, to the point where almost every time I stepped on the scale I had gained another pound. Shayla’s plan for healthy eating changed my way of life – in only 3 weeks I lost 10 pounds just by following her plant based menu. Not only that, it was easy! I was rarely hungry and my daily nutrients/vitamins/minerals (including iron) were better fulfilled than previously and my energy levels higher. Even my skin looks better!!! This is a lifestyle change that I will definitely adopt permanently. Next up – getting on track with a personalized fitness program! Thanks Shayla!!!”

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