I help people just like you make lifestyle changes to lose weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease and feel great. As a Professional Health Coach with years of experience I love seeing the changes that hundreds of my clients have made by changing their lives through health and fitness. Using evidence based, proven strategies that help you make positive changes to have more energy, improve health, sleep better and get fit. I love seeing people have fun and feel good by taking care of themselves.
I like Shayla’s positive approach to health & wellness. She makes everyone feel like they can be successful. That feeling better and staying motivated is possible. Heather Owen, Senior Manager, Royal Bank of Canada
Shayla’s Most Requested Talks and Workshops


  • Sitting, it’s the New Smoking
  • What Professional Athletes can Teach us about Staying Fit
  • The Truth About Weight Loss
  • 21 Days to a Plant Based Life



  • 7 Steps to Stay Motivated
  • Change your Mind, Change your Health


  • Exercise is the Best Medicine
  • 5 Steps to Improve your Health Span

I help individuals and organizations close the “knowing vs doing gap”. Through speaking, retreats as well as individual and group coaching, I can help you, your organization or your business be more productive, have more energy and have more fun for a purposeful, meaningful healthy life. ┬áStop thinking about it and start doing it.

Being healthy is a critical part of being successful. Invest in yourself and your future with coaching.  See the difference lifestyle changes can make to your energy, to your stress levels, to your ability to manage complex projects with less effort. Being healthy is the key to long term success in every part of your life.

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