Evolution Coaching U is a new way to get fit and healthy.

We help you improve your health, feel great and get the results you want.

Using the latest evidence that you need to be healthy, fit and active. Have more energy, look good, prevent chronic, lifestyle diseases, lose weight to feel great. Improve your health span with plant-based diet, proven exercise guidelines and peak performance tools for you to feel at your best. Evolution Coaching U helps you live your healthiest life. At every age. At any stage. It is never too late to live your best life.

Start today to be your personal best.

Our Core Values

We Believe in Personal Development

We believe in lifelong learning. Change is about growth and development. True health includes all aspects of human development: physical, mental and emotional. We believe in your ability to change at any age and pursue your goals. We consistently strive to improve personally and professionally to serve you better.

We Pursue Excellence

We believe in evidence based medicine. We don’t promote fads, radical diets, or fancy fitness trends. We believe in science and we know it works. No gimmicks, no fads, no supplements, no nonsense.

We Practice What We Preach

We practice everything we preach. We will never ask you to do something we don’t do. Our practice is based on science and we put the science into practice.

We Create Fun

Life should should be fun! Fitness should be fun. Be in love your life. Do what you love and love what you do. Make new friends, feel great about your life, and make a difference.

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I have spent most of my life (almost 39 years) struggling with weight loss and various fitness programs having joined or tried most of the programs out there on the market. 
Shayla’s program was somewhat revolutionary. 
There are no gimmicks, no quick fixes, nor magic pills.  She advocates eating a balanced, healthy diet with whole foods and regular exercise.
And it works. 
Shayla is supportive, realistic and knowledgeable.  She pushes you to succeed.  She expects you to achieve what is attainable.  Shayla celebrates all of your successes with your no matter how small or large and when you have a set-back she works with you to get back on track.  With Shayla’s help I have lost a significant amount of weight, decreased my BMI and know that as with determination and continued support I will reach my ultimate weight and fitness goals.

Adrianne Wurz Manager Vancouver Opera

About Our Process

Change your mind, change your health

  • 01

    We believe you can always change. There is no age limit to learning, developing or being your best. Connect with us for a healthier future.

  • 02

    Set up a free consultation and explore the possibilities. Evolution Coaching could work for you.

  • 03

    Whether you want to get back into a healthy lifestyle or you have a new health challenge we work with you. Your goals, your results.

  • 04

    It doesn’t matter where you start you can make a difference in your health and fitness. It is never too late to change.

Motivation & Accountability

  • 01

    Choose to have text, email and online support. Being accountable will help you stay on track.

  • 02

    Have a fitness plan to follow with a professional coach for guidance.

  • 03

    Group coaching let’s you connect with people and share your experiences. You are not alone and we can help each other together.

  • 04

    Setting weekly goals helps you stay focused. Hit the refresh button and stay on track to change your health.

Wellness Made Easy

  • 01

    Options to fit your busy schedule. Choose online plans, come to a wellness weekend, pick an event and have personal support. Wellness made easy.

  • 02

    Need a goal to train for? We design training plans for beginner and recreational athletes. People with real lives that want direction and flexibility.

  • 03

    How long have you waited to change? When you put yourself and your health as a priority you have more to give. We have plans to fit your life.

  • 04

    Are you worried about your health? Chronic conditions can be treated with lifestyle changes. We work with your doctor to improve your health.


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