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Evolution Coaching would never ask you to do something we haven’t tried and tested. We only use evidence based, proven strategies to help you get results. Complete access to many free resources because everyone should be able to change their health at any stage.


Evolution Coaching U

Our online academy is open 24 hours a day, everyday. When you sign up for a course you can access it anytime, as many times as you like. Learn how to improve your health, eat a plant based diet, get fit, lose weight and more.


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  • Videos, worksheets and plans
  • Get results

Training Plans

Choose from weight loss, fitness, cycling and running plans delivered to your inbox. Fitness designed for you.


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  • Proven to work
  • Stay motivated



When you need to get motivated and make a change. If you are ready to change your habits for improved health, fitness or weight loss, coaching gets results that last.


  • Personal
  • Be accountable
  • Stay motivated

Our Store

Books, tools and resources that we use to stay fit and healthy.


  • Fitness products
  • Health & Wellness Tools
  • Books. We love books.

Camps & Retreats

Get fit and healthy with people just like you. Winter and summer  lifetime sports to help you keep active for life.


  • Sport Specific Camps
  • Montain Fit Camps
  • Health & Weight Loss



Get Shayla to speak at your event. Motivate and challenge yourself, your friends or your coworkers to think about health and fitness in a new way.


  • Skill power vs Willpower
  • Sitting is the New Smoking
  • Plant Based Health & Fitness
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