• Mind

    Successful change starts with a  vision your future.  How do you want to feel, look and be? Change is possible and you can do it, be your personal best and thrive.

  • Body

    Fitness should be fun. Get a plan to get fit that fits your life and gets you to your goals. Start where you are, have a plan for success and see the changes that come with being your best. 


Shayla Says

Lifestyle Medicine Coach.
Change your mind: Change your health

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  • Health

    Improve your health span. Have more energy and feel strong for life. You can reduce, prevent and treat chronic conditions with lifestyle changes that last. Simple methods that work.

  • Be Your Best

    Mind, body, health. 

    You can achieve your goals. Your personal best is more than a dream, it is possible with the right tools and our support.You can do it.

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Health and fitness for adults.

Tired of following every trend, trying the latest and greatest “new thing” only to be disappointed? Evolution Coaching U is a lifestyle, no gimmicks, no quick fixes, just proven results. For adults.

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You are never too old, it is never too late to start living the life you want. ShaylaSays
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    Everything we do is focused on your success.

  • Get fit

    At any age you can be stronger, fitter and healthier

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    Explore and enjoy your life. At every age.

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