• Fitness For Adults

    Fitness should be fun, at every age. Tried of gimmicks and fads? Get fit. Lose weight. Be healthy.

  • Camps

    Meet new friends, stay motivated, change your life. Be challenged, explore new places and push your limits.

  • Training Plans

    Need a plan to stay motivated & reach your goals. Pick a plan or have one made just for you. Get your fitness plan delivered daily.

We believe you can be fit for forty, at fifty and beyond.
There is no age limit.
Maybe you were an athlete when you were younger and then life got busy and you forgot about yourself. Of maybe you were never an athlete, but still dream of getting in shape.
You can do it.
Physical fitness is critical to your health. If you are ready to get fit and feel great Evolution Coaching U has a plan to suit your needs.
Lose weight, get fit and feel great. If you are ready then we have a plan for you.
Start with a training plan, 0r take our 21 Days to Fitness course. Join a Wellness Weekend and be immersed in good food, exercise and fun. Whatever you choose it is never too late to start living your healthy life.
We know you can.
Evolution Coaching U for adults that don’t want to waste time.
I have lost almost 30 pounds and kept it off even after going on holidays! I have found workouts that I love to do and can fit them into my schedule and I want to thank Shayla for her knowledge, support and inspiration. David, Vancouver, BC
This is no nonsense, no BS, no fad fitness.
Real results require a consistent effort, not impossible, crazy workouts that take over your life.
A plan that meets your needs and goals.
This is not a formula, it is a process, one that is based on education and experience.
Evolution Coaching U has years of experience helping adults improve their health & fitness for life. This is not for you if you want to lose 20 pounds in 20 days or worry about what you look like instead of how you feel. Looking good is great, but it is an outcome, not the goal. If you are ready to commit to your health, then we have a plan.

True fitness is for life. If you are ready to make a permanent change, not a temporary one. If you are concerned about your health. If you want to live as long as you can and be able to do all the things you want to do. Then we can help you. We help adults reduce their risk of chronic disease, improve their health and lose weight so they can reach their goals. Whether you want to ride a bike, or run or be able to run up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. Your goals are the reason you start, we can help you realize your health and fitness potential. We believe that you can change, you can get fit and you can be fit no matter what your age. We help real people get real results and experience life. A healthy life. A fit life. A fun life.

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