5 ways to get Olympic results. Guaranteed.


It’s the middle of August, the summer is coming to an end and thankfully so are the Olympics. The Olympics are so inspiring and motivating.  Except you have to watch them, and that could mean you are exercising less. However, you could use this time to think about your own fitness goals. Olympians aren’t the only ones who can benefit from spending time setting new goals, imaging their success and seeing themselves in a fitter future. You can use these Olympians techniques to get the results you want too.

1. Set one BIG goal. Don’t set the bar too low. Be brave. Think of something past your comfort zone. Making goals easily achievable means you are less likely to work consistently toward them. Big goals are inspiring and even if you miss you still end up better than before.


2. Say no. If you know what you need to do to get to your one BIG goal then you also know when to say no. Saying no is important if you want to get to your goals. Distractions are everywhere. Trying to multi-task leads to distractions. Distractions come in many forms, procrastination, technology, other people. Learn to say no.


3. Do one thing everyday that gets you closer to your big goal. For example, you want to lose 100 pounds – a big goal – what could you do today that would take you that much closer? Bring your own lunch. Plan your meals. Walk everyday. There are lots of options, but they only work if you do them consistently. How about running a marathon? Maybe you will start by running by 30 minutes three times a week. Or find a coach. Buy some running shoes. Pick a marathon to train for. Everyday, one small thing, it all adds up. 

4. Be a pessimistic optimist. Plan for success and see it happening, but also plan for things to go wrong. How you talk about your goals matters. If you say things like “if all goes well”, “if I don’t screw this up”, “I don’t know if I can keep this up” you are already preparing to fail. You have mentally prepared to fail, the only thing left is to follow through on your predictions. Being a pessimistic optimist means that you know not everything will work out perfectly. Stuff happens. We get sick or injured. We go on vacation. We get distracted. But, having a plan for when things don’t go perfectly is critical. Being optimistic, with a plan for when things go sideways, gets you back on track and working toward your goal.


5. Have a support team. Get a coach. Find people who are doing the same things as you are doing. Find people who are just a bit better than you. This makes the process that much easier. Every athlete has the support of others to make it happen. 

It all starts with the right goal. Pick a good one. You might not get to the Olympics, but you will get results, guaranteed.

The Facts are going on vacation. I’ll be back in September with some new goals.

Change your mind, change your health,


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