A little goes a long way

More news from the Perspectives in Exercise, Health and Fitness Conference that I attended on the weekend. It was good for a number of reasons.

The first, and my favourite, was the science behind the recommendations. The presenters were researchers and explained the science behind their findings. They also supplied the practical applications, how to use it, who it works for and when to introduce these training options. 

Second, the research was done on all types of people, younger, older, fitter, not fit at all, unhealthy, overweight. 

Third, all of them stressed that intensity matters, strength training matters and recovery matters, a lot. 

Everything from type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, blood pressure respond to strength training. Vigorous exercise is better than more exercise. Having more muscle is a sign of health and when your muscle cells aren’t healthy, neither are you.

If you are healthy now and want to improve performance you can. You can become more fatigue resistant and produce more force with these new types of training. You can improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, your strength, decrease body fat, and your waist circumference. The right type of metabolic stress turns on growth pathways

The best news? At any age. At any fitness level.

If you currently aren’t doing any type of resistance training I would (based on the best available evidence) encourage you to start. If you are now, then there are some new tools that can improve your own fitness.

This all brings me to one thing that was also stressed by the presenters at the conference. Don’t buy the hype and get professional guidance. If your trainer, or coach, doesn’t have the education and experience to help you, find a new one.  Nothing makes me more frustrated than watching people waste their time, money and motivation on dangerous, useless or worthless training programs and bad advice. I watch people everyday in the gym getting no where, or worse, because of their training program. If you want to reach your goals and get fitter, get professional help.

Change your mind, change your health,



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