Buddha Bowls

Last week I wrote that my goal this month was to eat a plant based diet. So far, not bad, not perfect, but 80% successful. If I was talking to a client I would congratulate them on their achievements, but I know I could do better.  This is another week to try improve my diet.  I also wrote about the Buddha Bowls we ate at our amazing cross country ski weekend in Lake Louise … there is still time to join the next one in February!

Many of you wrote back to ask for the recipe and that is today’s post. I make Buddha Bowls when I have a random assortment of vegetables and don’t know what to make for dinner. Don’t be limited by the recipe, add your own touch. Cooking is an experiment, don’t feel the need to follow every step, because I NEVER do. Which is probably why I am a better at making dinner and not always so successful at baking (have a hard time following directions, too many details, I would rather wing it) which is why those types of things are done by the mister, he is so much more meticulous. 

Buddha Bowls need the following:

A base – brown rice, quinoa or wheat berries 

Fresh Vegetables – cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, shredded carrots or beets

Cooked Vegetables – roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes, roasted beets, steamed kale or spinach, stir fried, steamed or roasted broccoli or cauliflower

Protein source: chickpeas or tofu are usually my two choices.

Sauce: peanut sauce, tahini sauce or miso gravy

Extras: avocado, peanuts, hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds

That is it. Create away.

Here is a standard bowl at our house.

  1. Wheat Berries or Brown Rice
  2. Roasted sweet potato
  3. Roasted beets
  4. Cherry tomatoes sliced in half
  5. Long English cucumber cut into cubes
  6. Steamed Kale 
  7. Fresh lettuce
  8. Shredded carrot
  9. Flash Fried Spicy Tofu:

Cut extra firm tofu into cubes. In a bowl mix 1 tbsp corn starch and 1-2 tsp of each of the following spices, red pepper flakes, fresh ground pepper, cumin, paprika and chipotle powder Toss tofu cubes in spice mix.  Fry in cast iron fry pan with peanut or canola oil on medium heat, turning frequently. 

Don’t have tofu?

Open a can of chick peas, drain, toss with spices (omit corn starch) and cook into a well- oiled fry pan, stir often until crisp and hot.

10. Drizzle with Tahini Sauce:

In a food processor or with a hand mixer

2 tbsp tahini paste

1-2 garlic cloves

Juice of 1/2 lemon (about 2 tbsp)

1 – 2 tbsp of olive oil or if using cannedchick peas, use drained chick pea juice

fresh ground pepper

Fresh parsley if you have it, adds a nice colour and taste.

Mix and add water if necessary or a little honey, depending on taste.

Finally, top with sliced avocado and a handful of pumpkin seeds or hemp hearts and enjoy. 

Your suggestions were not limited to the recipe for the Buddha bowl.  Some of you wanted to know what I normally eat in a week and what you should have in your kitchen to make plant based eating easier. You have given me a lot of great ideas and the first is a shopping list. I am working on the recipes for all the meals I regularly eat in a week and a plant based shopping list coming very soon.

Thanks for all the great feedback and enjoy your Buddha Bowls.

Change your mind, change your health,


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