Does your diet change your brain?

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Do SAD meals make you forgetful?

SAD, the Standard American Diet, consists of high fat, high sugar, highly processed foods. Basically the Western style diet and eating at Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, Subway, or any other chain would be SAD. Eating pre-made meals from grocery stores, frozen meals, chips, crackers, cookies or other highly processed foods that would also be SAD.

Even if it is only occasionally. Occasionally, or regularly, it is changing your brain.

Research supported by the Australian Research Council has found that healthy, young volunteers that ate a Western Style diet “were slower at learning and worse at remembering than those who ate a healthier diet” and maybe even more importantly their compromised brain function interfered with their memories of eating. 

Researcher Tuki Attuquayefio, PhD student says,

 “Even though they were full, they still wanted to eat the sweet and fatty junk food. What was even more interesting was that this effect was strongly related to their performance on the learning and memory task, suggesting that there is a link between the two via the hippocampus.”

Eating the SAD diet, high fat, high sugar, highly processed with low intake of fruits, vegetables and fiber, even temporarily, changes your brain. It inhibits memory, making it harder to control eating and resist treats. Consistently eating these foods makes it harder to regulate food intake and harder to stay at a healthy weight. Stay sharp by eating your veggies.

Change your mind, change your health,


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