Don’t touch that

Fast food. Don’t eat it and don’t touch the package it came in. In fact, I can’t tell you which would be worse, the “food” or the packaging.

Most fast food is wrapped in sandwich wrappers, pastry bags, beverage cups and containers and they are poisoning you just as much as the food.

Researchers recently published their findings in the journal Environmental Science & Technology and it’s not good. The researchers found that fast food packaging contains fluorinated compounds, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs). When they tested 400 samples they found that these chemicals were found in 56% of dessert and bread wrappers, 38% of sandwich and burger wrappers and 20% of paperboard.

What is A PFASs? It is used for making stain resistant products, fire fighting materials and non-stick cookware. They migrate into the food and accumulate in your body. They are linked to thyroid disease, kidney and testicular cancers, low birth weight and immunotoxicity in children, and other health issues.

It doesn’t biodegrade.

They tested Starbucks, Chipotle, Burger King, McDonald’s to name a few, but the really disturbing news and is that some suppliers had verified that their packaging was free of PFASs, but they still tested positive for a substantial amount.

Non-toxic alternatives to wrap your own food include aluminum foil or wax paper or bring your own containers for leftovers or to pickup a coffee. Another great reason to eat real food.

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