Fitness Predicts Future Health

Fitness is not often measured at the doctor’s office. It would be time consuming and difficult to implement this type of procedure. Doctor’s would need expensive equipment and hire exercise specialists to add these tests into their routines.

Your doctor may know your blood pressure, weight, blood sugar levels and much more, but they may not know the state of your fitness and fitness is important. It has high value in predicting future health. Being unfit is a risk factor for many chronic diseases and premature death.

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Since fitness is so critical for assessing risk factors researchers at K.G. Jebsen Center for Exercise in Medicine, at Norwegian University of Science and Technology wanted to establish the value of estimating fitness for predicting your risk of premature death. Risks from heart disease or any other cause, alone or in combination with other risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking status, alcohol consumption, family history of heart disease, and diabetes. They studied whether estimating your fitness with these traditional risk factors would improve the reliability of predicting premature death.

It does.


The researchers found that estimating fitness is enough to predict future health risks. It is easy, cost-effective tool that could help health professionals identify people at higher risk for lifestyle disease.

The best part? If you haven’t already, you can estimate your fitness anytime at World Fitness Level

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