Fitness Trackers


Fitness trackers are popular, but do they work? Yes and no.

You can use fitness trackers to count your steps, monitor your sleep, take your heart rate, count calories and more. Depending on the brand they are more or less accurate. There have been studies on how fitness trackers don’t improve fitness or don’t monitor your sleep accurately, but personally I think that matters.

So what if they are not 100% reliable. They are a tool. One tool that you can use to see how active (or not) you are during the day. They help you measure progress. If your fitness tracker shows that you walk 8,000 steps and then you decide to try for 10,000 steps why does it matter if really you are only walking 9,500?

Don’t get lost in the details and forget what matters. Moving matters. Fitness matters. Sleeping matters. Being aware of your habits matters. If your step counter is off by a few 100 steps, that doesn’t matter. It’s all relative.

If you use a fitness tracker they only work if you wear them to see the changes you make over time. And that is what matters.

Trackers are one tool for monitoring your activity. They work best when you know what to do and have a goal to work toward. In fact new research shows that fitness trackers work best when you have a coach. There is just no replacing a qualified human to talk to when you want to achieve the best results.

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