Fitspiration happens.

I have been promoting the benefits of strength training for a long time and this weekend a miracle happened.

My sister is going to start using her weight room! And she is not the only one. Women are interested in being stronger, not lighter. Getting fit has become a lot more than a weight management system. Being stronger and having more muscle mass is its own reward and I have talked about them in many other posts.

Muscle = Health

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Exercise and type 2 diabetes

The idea that women want to be fit and strong is going mainstream.

There are many examples,  from the new Wonder Woman movie to women’s magazines, like Shape, showing strong, female role models.  Not that long ago looking for images of strong for women meant only looking at pro athletes and they were too few to make a difference. 

Now finding an image of strong women isn’t so unusual and isn’t that a great message? Gaining muscle weight, is now the new normal. 

How do you feel about forgetting about your weight and focussing on how strong you are? You can read more of my thoughts in the latest issue of Shape , More women are trying to gain muscle weight.

Let me know what you think about strong being the new skinny.

Change your mind, change your health,



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