Good guts

80-year-old model Wang Deshun.

Does aging start in your guts?

Healthy guts may be the answer to healthy aging. Research from a new study by University of Western Ontario has found that healthy elderly have the same gut microbiota as healthy young adults. The research showed there was a direct correlation between health and gut microbes.

Professor Greg Gloor scientist and researcher says,

“This demonstrates that maintaining diversity of your gut as you age is a biomarker of healthy aging, just like low-cholesterol is a biomarker of a healthy circulatory system.”

How do you keep your guts healthy?

Eating cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage is a good way to promote gut health. A new study from Penn State professor Gary Perdew says that these vegetables can help prevent disease,

“There are a lot of reasons we want to explore helping with gastrointestinal health and one reason is if you have problems, like a leaky gut, and start to suffer inflammation, that may then lead to other conditions, like arthritis and heart disease. Keeping your gut healthy and making sure you have good barrier functions so you’re not getting this leaky effect would be really big.”

Good guts.

We know that gut health helps to prevent obesity. That a high-fat diet will change your gut microbes. That eating a diverse diet with many types of vegetables, beans, fruit and whole grains improves our gut health, but the Standard North American diet is not diverse and contains many highly processed foods. The good news is that you can start to change your guts in 24 hours by changing what you eat.

Start the day with a banana and some blueberries with a whole grain cereal. Eat cruciferous vegetables in a salad for lunch and a dinner like Polenta and Artichokes and you will have the some of the top 7 foods for changing your gut health.

Change your  mind, change your health,


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