I rarely drink water


I have a confession, and this might seem funny to you, but I don’t drink much water.

Yes, I know it’s good for me.

In my defense I don’t drink juice or pop or other sweetened beverages. I do drink coffee and tea.

I never said I don’t drink any water.

I drink water with dinner. I bring (not always drink) water when I go for a ride or hike, rarely when I run. I never buy water, (let’s not get started on that).

I am not dehydrated. My high intake of fruits and vegetables is saving me from day to day dehydration, but I could drink more. I guess I needed the right motivation and maybe this new study will help me change my water drinking habits.

The study published in Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics showed that when 18,000 adultsĀ  increased their tap water consumption by 1%, and even I could manage that, they decreased calorie intake by 68-205 calories a day. That would work out to be 500 – 1400 calories a week! They decreased salt consumption by 78-235 mg, sugar consumption by 5-18 grams. 4 grams of sugar is about 1 teaspoon, so it could be as much as 4.5 teaspoons of sugar daily! They also reduced cholesterol consumption by 7 -21 milligrams a day.

That is a high return on a very small investment.

In my defense I don’t really eat salty, sugary or fatty foods, but I know when I am thirsty I tend to overeat.

I know when I am training I should stay hydrated.

I know I should drink more water, maybe this is the nudge I need, 1% more sounds like something I could do.

Change your mind, change your health,



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