Mighty Mitochondria

Mitochondria are amazing.

You are full of them and better yet, you can get more! Yes, that is a good thing. When you are out running or riding your bike, you can go further before feeling tired when you have more mitochondria  working in your muscles. Mitochondria are energy producers, the powerhouse in our muscles.


                      Mitochondria in your muscle, University of Southern Denmark.

Endurance athletes can have twice as many mitochondria in their muscles.
New research from the University of Southern Denmark has discovered some other good news about doing more endurance exercise. Muscle endurance is determined not only by the number of mitochondria, but by their structure too.

 Joachim Nielsen, assistant professor of muscle physiology at University of Southern Denmark says, 
“We’ve found that mitochondria in endurance athletes are constructed in such a way that they generate more energy than mitochondria in non-athletes. In fact, our measurements have shown us that these mitochondria can generate around 25% more energy. This gives a major advantage in endurance sports such as marathon running and cross-country skiing, but also in ball games like soccer,”

While the research is not over, it looks like these changes in structure are due to training and not good genetics. What are you waiting for?  Go put your mitochondria to work for you.

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