No time. No problem.

The most common excuse for not exercising is “I don’t have enough time.”

That isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Dr Martin Gibala, Kinesiology professor at McMaster University and author of the One Minute Workout, has spent a lot of time figuring out what is the least you can do and still get the benefits of exercise.

However, there is a catch. Isn’t there always a catch?

You have to go hard.

To get all the benefits of exercise in a shorter workout you need to increase the intensity. Remember that intensity is relative, if you are a beginner you need to go harder than you normally would. Which leads to the next catch, when you get fitter you have to go harder. 

While I would not recommend only doing high intensity intervals I would recommend that you do high intensity, shorter workouts once a week.

Now, even if you think that you don’t have time – you do.

Change your mind, change your health,



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