Recommended Reading

It’s back to school season and because of this I thought a little break from the normal facts with a recommended reading list would be a great idea.

I love to read.

I love fiction and non-fiction books. The following are some of the non-fiction books I have read this summer and would recommend to my friends.

Some stress is good for us, it gets us moving. However, sometimes the negative aspect of stress is more about how we feel about stress, then the actual stressor and that makes it challenging. You can change how you feel about stress to make better decisions and be healthier. 

Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal shows how we can embrace stress to get all the benefits and stop worrying if stress is hurting us.

An easy read with great tips for improving your relationship with stress.

The scientific evidence for staying healthy through your diet. Dr. Greger shows how the most common diseases can be  prevented and treated with your diet.

Simple changes along with easy tips to  get all the nutrients and the benefits to avoid many diseases.

Practical dietary advice for anyone that wants to know how to change their health with food.

This is a great resource and one I won’t be lending to anyone 🙂

Brian Wansink, PhD, researcher at Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab, introduces design changes that can change the way you eat by removing unconscious triggers and choices that lead to making unhealthy food decisions.

Find your food radius to see how you can change your health without willpower. Learn how to choose the healthiest restaurant table, what you should have on your counters, where you enter your home to change your food decisions for the better.

Great tips and reasons why design can help us change our habits easily.

If you love running and dogs this story is for you.

Dion Leonard shows up in the Gobi Desert to run an ultra race and is adopted by a stray dog. 

His story of finding, losing, finding, adopting and all the difficulties getting this persistent pup home will restore your faith in humanity and maybe encourage you to adopt your own or start running.

Two business books with lots of great ideas for being a better human.

Charles Duhigg’s, Smarter, Faster, Better, takes 8 key concepts that can be applied to all areas of life to get more done.  Focus, motivation, goal setting, decision making, innovation, managing others, and absorbing data. Duhigg breaks them down into steps that anyone can use to improve any area of your life, with lots of stories of examples along the way.




Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, is a funny, engaging writer who has some  great ideas for getting what you want and figuring out what that is. An entertaining read with lots of provocative ideas to help you win big.

I almost left this book off the list for one simple reason, the diet and exercise chapters. No one should take this advice from a cartoonist. Nutrition is an actual science and Adam’s, who was drinking 12 diet cokes per day, has an interesting perspective but it isn’t based on any reliable research.

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