Reversing the benefits of exercise with diet.

Did you know you can reverse the health benefits of exercise with your diet. Sounds incredible that all that hard work could be for nothing. All you have to do is eat meat. What? Aren’t we supposed to need protein to recover from exercise? Sure, some protein. But, if you want to maintain the health benefits of your workout I would be very careful about what kind of protein.

Exercise normally boosts your good cholesterol, but a Paleo diets reverses all the good that normally comes with exercise. Eating paleo increases bad cholesterol and decreases good cholesterol even in healthy, young adults following an intense exercise program. 

Another drawback of the paleo trend is that any meat product, and that includes chicken and fish, raises insulin levels. I know you are thinking that is what happens when you eat carbohydrates… no, actually if you eat whole grains your insulin doesn’t go up as high as eating meat. In fact insulin levels go up as much when eating meat as when eating pure sugar.

Want to know more? Watch Dr. Michael Greger’s video on what happens to your insulin and cholesterol levels after a meal.

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