Running while angry

Think it’s cathartic to run angry? Think again.

That is what the NY Times article states. Don’t exercise angry, because it may be bad for you. You might have a heart attack.


I don’t disagree that negative emotions can exacerbate heart conditions, however the article goes on to state,

“The study does not prove that running or otherwise sweating while mad is always inadvisable, only that some workouts and some emotions don’t mix well.

So why report it? Most people never read past the headline and this headline is misleading at best.

Let’s be serious for one moment. People get mad. People get frustrated and angry. Exercise is one good way to blow off some steam.

I have to admit I have had some of my best workouts and race results angry. Really angry. The type of anger only your family (or politics) can provoke in you.

I have also had some of my best workouts happy and carefree. So blissfully ignorant of anything, but having the best ride or run, while enjoying the company of others in beautiful places.


   Happily, winning my age division.

Every time I read this I get mad. Maybe I should go for a run.

Change your mind, change your health,


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