Day one

Day one was fine. It was the day after daylight savings time change so I slept in, had coffee and went skiing then took my dog for a jog. That made for a pleasant start to the week. I had a substantial dinner the night before to prepare for exercising first thing in the morning. The ski was good, my dog jog is fairly low intensity and then I had a late breakfast which helped to keep me full for the rest of the morning.

A great bowl of oatmeal is filling and full of nutrients.


I had a salad for a late lunch with a snack around 5:00. I didn’t add my coffee, herbal tea, or water since they are calorie free, but I usually have 3 cups a coffee, at least one herbal tea and 2-3 glasses a water every day.


I had prepared Three Grain Vegetable Soup for my dinners. It is filling and very low calorie, so you can feel full without eating that much. I will include the recipe since my FitBit login includes the calories, but has the nutrition information incorrect. The total for the day was right on target,. I will probably stick to this menu for the week for simplicity.

The Sodium total for the day was only 700 mg. Due to the soup choices on the Fitbit site I got the correct calories, but incorrect sodium. The correct nutrients are on the soup recipe.


So far, so good, I will keep you posted.


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