Exercise causes heart disease.

Did you know that physically active, middle aged, white, men are more likely to have plaque in their arteries?

That doesn’t really seem to make any sense.

According to researchers at the University of Illinois studying the physical activity levels of a group of men for 25 years it is. They found that the white males were more likely to have plaque build up in their arteries if they exercised regularly. I thought I would mention a few details about this study we should consider before jumping to conclusions.

First, this was self-reported exercise data. We are notoriously bad at remembering these kinds of details.

Second, the study didn’t look at diet. At all. As you are well aware diet is a key component of your health. You can exercise all you like, keep your weight stable and eat a terrible diet. You health will still be compromised even with regular exercise. There is no getting around it.

Exercise works with a healthy diet it is not an alternative.

Third, the researchers were quick to emphasize that no one should stop exercising. That is the best advice that this study can report and I completely agree.

Change your mind, change your health,


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