October Resolutions


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Time to make an October resolution?

The latest study from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab is all about body weight changes throughout the year. What they found may not be a surprise to you.

The time between American Thanksgiving and Christmas is the best time to gain weight. October, not January, is the best time to make a weight loss/maintenance resolution and right now is probably the lightest you will be during the year. 

The time between American Thanksgiving and Christmas are notoriously bad for weight gain. If you celebrate both of these holidays chances are you will gain 0.2% of your body weight at Thanksgiving and 0.4% of your body weight at Christmas. For the people studied it took 5 months to lose that extra weight. Their weight stabilized between May and November when the cycle would begin again.

Gaining weight over the holidays is common, but the best way to stop the cycle is to avoid it. It is much easier to maintain your weight than try to lose those extra pounds. By making a resolution and a new habit, to maintain your weight for the rest of the year, you are more likely to be successful. Luckily celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving comes earlier, next week, making it easier for Canadians to achieve this goal.

Have a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and try not to overindulge for more than one meal.

Change your mind, change your  health,


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