Social Media for Weight Loss

Share that Selfie.

It has been said, “that a picture is worth a thousand words” and if you are talking about weight loss that couldn’t be more true. A new study has shown the benefits of social media in achieving goals with interactive, online communities. Sharing success and setbacks publicly was an important part of achieving personal goals in this four year study. Getting support (in relative anonymity) and being able to interact with others was a key ingredient in achieving success in the study published in Journal of Interactive Marketing.

Need social proof?

I know that support and accountability are key ingredients in reaching our health and fitness goals. I have some personal experience in this and while I would never share your photos I have permission to share a few words from clients in my online weight loss group.

“Week One and I already love this. I am a mom to three young boys, I work full time and I have a busy social life – but I can already see I ‘m going to be able to make this work. Thank you!” JK

“I lost 60 pounds and kept if off 6 years” PR

“I have lost over 45 lbs and on target for another few pounds.  I look better and feel great with the only downside being I need a new wardrobe.” GK

All online, support available anytime, anywhere. Photos optional. Being part of a group where everyone is working towards a similar goal means that you don’t feel alone, there is somewhere to ask questions, be inspired and get motivated.  Having friends who understand your challenges makes a difference to your ultimate success. Weight loss or any other lifestyle change can be frustrating. It can be hard to imagine how all those daily changes will add up to make a difference. Whether the act of posting your photo and being accountable makes the difference, or simply being able to share your story with all its ups and downs, having the support of others is a key component in your success.

Social support works, being accountable works and sharing your goals with others makes it more likely that you will take action. To make change last, find the people that can inspire, motivate and help you achieve your dreams.

Share that selfie, post that workout and find your team to keep you on track and to reach your best health.

Want to try being Vegan for a month?

Interested in joining the Vegan Challenge for the month of November? Every one is doing it.

From sports stars like Venus & Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton, Scott Jurek, Jermain Defoe, Carl Lewis, Fiona Oakes, Meagan Duhamel, Patrik Baboumian, Wilson Chandler and Damian Lillard. 

Celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix, Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Silverstone, Tobey Maguire, Alyssa Milano, Kate and Rooney Mara, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Jay-Z Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Lea Michele, Olivia Wilde, Jared Leto, Bryan Adams, Moby, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck, Anne Hathaway, Alec Baldwin, Michelle Pfeiffer and Stevie Wonder

Politicians, Bill Clinton, Cory Booker, Jeremy Corbyn and Al Gore. 

November 1st is World Vegan Day and November is Vegan Month. Join the November Vegan Challenge and get recipes, tips, nutrition information and more that you can use to eat more vegetables (always good) or join the ever growing number of people that leave animals off their plate. Simply click this link to join the Cha​llenge and learn the difference between vegan and plant-based diets.

Change your mind, change your health,




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