What if you were a vegan for one day?

Do you follow a plant-based, whole foods diet? Would you consider yourself a vegan? Do you eat more plant-based meals during the week than any other type?

I am interested in how you think about your diet.

One reason that doctors say that they don’t recommend a whole foods, plant-based diet to their patients to reverse and treat chronic conditions is that they believe it would be “too hard” for their patients to follow. Not because the research doesn’t support. the benefits. Not because you could reverse debilitating conditions without surgery or medications, without complications or side-effects. Not because it hasn’t been proven to be the most effective way to lose weight.

Simply because your doctor thinks it would be too hard. Maybe that is true, but isn’t that a decision that you should be making? I think that you should know the facts and make choices based on what you think is possible. 

Maybe you don’t worry about heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes or your weight. Vegan diets may not seem worth it, but what if I said a whole food, plant-based diet may not increase your life span but can improve your health span. You spend more of your years healthy and active and less time, dependent, sick or suffering. 

Or you could eat a whole food, plant-based diet for the planet. 

  • If everyone ate a vegan diet for one day we would save 400 billion gallons of water, the equivalent of water used by the state of New England in 4 months.
  • If everyone ate a vegan diet for one day we would save 70 million gallons of gas, enough for all the cars in Canada and Mexico.
  • In one day  we would save 33 tons of antibiotics
  • 1.2 million tons of carbon dioxide
  • 3 million tons of soil erosion
  • 1.5 billion tons of crops fed to animals, enough to feed 2 million people for one year.

You can find out how much of an impact you have made at the Vegan Calculator.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Some of my favourite vegan resources include Dr. Joel Kahn, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Rosane Oliveira to name only a few.

If you have a fave vegan I would love to know and if you think I am one of your vegan influencers would you do something for me? Could you send a quick email to editor@impactmagazine.ca  IMPACT magazine is looking for Canada’s Top Vegan Influencer. I have been sending you news about the benefits of a whole food, plant-based, vegan diet for over a decade and if you have enjoyed the info let the folks at IMPACT know and I would be very grateful!

Change your mind, change your health,



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