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It’s all good news this week. Today, three good news stories about the benefits of three different types of exercise.

  1. Yoga improves your brain function. Stretching before exercise interferes with your athletic performance, but don’t count out the brain benefits of doing yoga. Older woman that practice yoga have increased cortical thickness in areas of their brain responsible for attention and memory. Exercises such as meditation and yoga maintain and improve brain function. It has been thought that cognitive decline is related to aging, but maybe like muscle loss, it is only due to inactivity.
  2. One minute a day of running improves your bone health. Research from the University of Exeter has found that women doing “brief bursts” of high-intensity, weight bearing activity have better bone health. Adding a short run to your daily walk will improve your bone health, help to prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of fractures as we age.
  3. High load training, heavier weights and lower repetitions, improve nerve transmission and increases the force your muscles can produce. Your muscles contract in response to nerve signals sent from your brain and more neurons are activated with higher load strength training versus low weight, high repetition training. This results in greater strength adaptations. More neuron activation also means more efficiency in endurance sports. This means you can run or cycle faster and further, with less effort.

Improving muscle strength has also been proven to improve brain function. The stronger adults become due to strength training, the more their brain’s benefit.¬†

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